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Polyphemus Moth

Pictures 3 through 9 show the Polyphemus caterpillars in various stages. The eggs for these caterpillars (pictures 1 and 2) came from a moth that was given to my son and then given to me. It took the eggs 8-12 days to hatch. The caterpillars took 4-6 weeks to cocoon and pupate. I raised 13 of the caterpillars to maturity. These caterpillars ate maple leaves but only grew to be two inches long and 1/3 inch wide before pupating. Six of the caterpillars hatched out after only 15 days. Pictures 10 and 11 show the caterpillar forming a cocoon. Picture 12 is the adult Polyphemus moth. The adults do not eat. Picture 13 shows an enlargement of the eye located in the hind wing of the moth.