Insects of Iowa


          I am retired from Collins Radio/Rockwell Collins (April 2006). I was employed there for 40 years. I led a group at the airport that designs, documents and installs avionics equipment into airplanes.  I have been involved with Cedar Rapids Audubon since 1989. I have served as president for several of those years and also on the board in other positions. I am currently the president (2011) /treasurer and membership chairman. I also do volunteer work with the Linn County Conservation department doing bird classes and studies of species in some of the parks. I have also been involved with the DNR doing Henslow’s Sparrow studies since 2004 at Pleasant Creek Lake State Recreation Area and also moth studies in state parks. Since 1989 I have increased my photography activity a tremendous amount, primarily with flowers and birds until 1994 when I started to concentrate on butterflies and dragonflies. Since 2002 I have also starting black lighting for moths. I also do a lot of landscaping in my backyard including ponds.

         In 2007 I created this website that has pictures and collection data of moths and butterflies. It also contains photos of other insects. For birds, fungi, mammals, flowers and amphibians go to .

I am also the butterfly coordinator for the Butterflies and Moths of North America website.

I can be contacted at:

James Durbin

[email protected]   


Other people to contact about information and photos that can be found on the website:

Todd Hubbard: [email protected]

Dennis Schlicht: [email protected]

Dennis is the author of the Butterflies of Iowa book.

Frank Olsen: [email protected]

Frank does a lot of butterfly studies and also is one of the documentators of moths species in Iowa.

M J Hatfield: [email protected]

M J does a lot of studies raising larvae to adults to document their life cycles. She also runs the Iowa Insects Mailing List.

Loren and Babs Padelford: [email protected]

Loren and Barbs are from eastern Nebraska and spend time in western Iowa.

Mark Brown: [email protected]

Mark Brown is from Iowa City and is an avid photographer of insects.

Brockman, Nathan G: [email protected]

Nate runs the butterfly house at Reiman Gardens in Ames and is also the butterfly coordinator for the Butterflies and Moths of North America website.

Chris Edwards: [email protected]

Chris lives in Iowa City and does several butterfly counts throughout the state each summer.

Marcie O’Connor: 

Marcie lives in Buffalo County, Wisconsin and has the following websites that she maintains. Marcie is restoring an old farm in western Wisconsin back to prairie and savanna habitat. – about the project she is doing to restore her land back to the way it was before it was settled
and – a collection of links documenting the life cycles of insects - A collection of moth lists from various places in the US and abroad.


The Iowa Insects Mailing List provides a forum for those interested in Iowa's insects and, more generally, invertebrates, their identification and ecology. Its purpose is to encourage novices who are trying to expand their knowledge about the incredible world of insects. Another objective is to support the Iowa Native Plant Society.

This list is owned by Diana Horton and MJ Hatfield, managed by MJ Hatfield, and sponsored by the University of Iowa Department of Biology.  For assistance, contact the List Manager, MJ Hatfield, [email protected]

You are invited to join the Iowa Insects Mailing List

Send an email to: [email protected]

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There is also a butterfly group at [email protected] that can be joined if you are only interested in butterflies. It can be joined similar to the insect listserve.