Insects of Iowa



8-26-2007-Added life cycles of Vanessa virginiensis / American Lady, Ancyloxpha numitor / Least Skipper, Atalopedes campestris / Sachem, Epargyreus clarus / Silver-spotted Skipper, Polites peckius / Pecks Skipper and Polites themistocles / Tawny-edged Skipper. Added insect photos from Bixby State Preserve, Brush Creek Preserve, Pinicon Ridge Park and Wapsipinicon State Park.

9-13-2007-Added photos of insects from Shimak Forest - Croton Unit and Indian Lake Park at Farmington. Added photos of a Buckeye to the butterfly life cycle page.

9-17-2007-Added Neuroptera page. Updated Brentidae, Carabidae and Cerambycidae pages to tables.

9-25-2007-Added common names to butterfly pages, converted the rest of the Coleoptera pages to tables.

9-30-2007-Added the fungi and mushroom page. Also added a few butterfly pictures.

10-1-2007-Split butterfly life cycles into separate pages. Added Blue-headed Vireo pictures and other birds.

10-21-2007-Added Mantid, Hemiptera, Spider & Diptera pages. Added more pictures to fungi page.

10-22-2007-Added Amphibian and Reptiles page. Converted Mayfly and Stonefly pages to tables.

11-13-2007-Reworked bird pages and added links to pictures from bird list.

12-6-2007-Added pages on wasps.

1-7-2008-Added pictures of front and backyard.

1-20-2008-Added new family of moth (Gracillariidae) and updated pages with data from 2007 collecting. Have added more than 200 species.

1-29-2008-Corrected some moth names and added caterpillar pictures to Manduca sexta page.

2-6-2008-Added more spider pictures, added spider and daddy longlegs pages. Also added another method of photographing specimens to the photo page.

2-15-2008-Reworked the taxonomy of the Noctuidae family of moths. It has been split into three families and several sub-families have been added.

2-20-2008-Added page on snails with data from Harlan Ratcliff.

Added pictures of birds from Florida trip.

Added pictures of birds from Texas Trip.

Added pictures from Wisconsin Trip and bird photos from backyard.

Added pictures from Lacey and Croton trips along with backyard and Squaw Creek Park.

Added warbler pictures to several pages.

Updated the moth collection data information

9-18-2008-Started converting all pages to the web template.

9-23-2008- Added PDF files from M J Hatfield.

10-18-2008 - Added Iowa lists for frogs, turtles, salamanders, snakes and lizards. Added lists and information for bats in Iowa.

11-11-2008 - Added several species of moths that were collected in 2008. Added a page for unidentified specimens. Added a page showing species that we hope to find in Iowa. This would also include species of concern that we would like to know of sightings.

1-11-2009 - Have added 2008 moth species to pages. I am retaking photos of the moths. With a new blacker background and different camera settings, I am getting better and more true to life color.

3-09-2009 - Have added several new moth photos. Have added Previous and Next Family links on the moth pages.

9-09-2009 - Have added the genus/species pages for the moths which included creating pages for each species. Have updated the butterfly pages. Also have added several photos of birds and moths.

9-19-2009 - Corrected a couple of the moth pages that had errors. Hyphantria cunea, Idea furciferata (deleted), Idia aemula.

9-24-2009 - Corrected a couple of the Hymenoptera Vespidae Wasp names.

10-20-2009 - Added pages 4 and 5 of the Genus/Species in the moth pages.

2-26-2010 - Added 2009 collecting data. Added approx. 200 species of moths. Added Hodges number look up for moths. Changed moth Genus/Species look up to use Hodges file. Added additional PDFs from M J.

3-10-2010 - Added some beetles pictures and pages.

3-16-2010 - Added new first pages with more pictures linked to following pages. Fixed problem with links not showing up in blue.

5-11-2010 - Added Range maps to moth family pages. Reworked the Hodge's number lookup. Created tables by superfamily. Also reworked the genus species lookup tables.

9-16-2010 - Added species found on Bugguide. Updated range maps for Iowa. Added pictures for some Cerambycidae - Long-horned Beetles.

10-19-2011 I am constantly updating the site, so I am not going to list individual dates until I get caught up for a while.