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Pyrginae - Spread-wing Skippers
Epargyreus clarus (Dennis Schlicht) Achalarus lyciades (Dennis Schlicht) Thorybes bathyllus (Dennis Schlicht)
Epargyreus clarus / Silver-spotted Skipper Achalarus lyciades /Hoary Edge Thorybes bathyllus /Southern Cloudywing
Thorybes pylades (Dennis Schlicht) Staphylus hayhurstii (Dennis Schlicht) Erynnis icelus (Dennis Schlicht)
Thorybes pylades /Northern Cloudywing Staphylus hayhurstii /Hayhurst's Scallopwing Erynnis icelus / Dreamy Cloudywing
Erynnis brizo (Dennis Schlicht) Erynnis juvenalis (Dennis Schlicht) Erynnis horatius (Dennis Schlicht)
Erynnis brizo /Sleepy Cloudywing Erynnis juvenalis / Juvenal's Duskywing Erynnis horatius / Horace's Duskywing
Erynnis martialis (Dennis Schlicht) Erynnis lucilius (Dennis Schlicht) Erynnis baptisiae (Dennis Schlicht)
Erynnis martialis / Mottled Duskywing Erynnis lucilius / Columbine Duskywing Erynnis baptisiae / Wild Indigo Duskywing
Pholisora catullus (Dennis Schlicht)  
Pyrgus communis / Common Checkered-Skipper Pholisora catullus /Common Sootywing