Insects of Iowa
Insect Orders
Wasps, Ants, Bees of Iowa
Thread-waisted Wasp
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Eremnophila aureonotata Eremnophila aureonotata Ammophila pictipennis
 Sphex ichneumoneus/Great Golden Digger Sphex ichneumoneus/Great Golden Digger Sphex pennsylvanicus/Great Black Wasp
Isodontia mexicana/Grass Carrier Wasp Sceliphron caementarium/black and Yellow Mud Dauber Bicyrtes quadrifasciatus/Sand Wasp
Sphecius speciosus/Cicada Killer Sphecius speciosus/Cicada Killer  
Cerceris bicornuta Cerceris bicornuta Cerceris sp
Cerceris sp Cerceris fumipennis  
Tachytes sp Astata unicolor Astata unicolor
Larra analis Larra analis Ammophila procera