Insects of Iowa
Insect Orders

Wasps, Ants, Bees of Iowa
Unless shown differently, all photos on this page belong to Loren and Babs Padelford. Any questions on the use of photos, please contact them at [email protected]. I want to thanks them for sharing their photos with me to place on this website.
Mason Wasp Mason Wasp Mason Wasp
Monobia quadridens Euodynerus foraminatus Pseudodynerus quadrisectus
Mason Wasp Mason Wasp
Pseudodynerus quadrisectus Parazumia symmorpha Eumenes fraternus
Eumenes bollii Eumenes bollii  
Zethus spinipes Zethus spinipes  
Euodynerus hidalgo Euodynerus hidalgo  
Polistes metricus/Paper Wasp Polistes metrius  
Polistes fuscatus/Northern Paper Wasp